• Magnetic Prism Bracket
Why use our CLT Magnetic Bracket? What can the CLT Magnetic Bracket be Magnetic Prism Bracketused for?
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Can attach to virtually any steel surface
  • Reduces the potential for damaged equipment
  • A Laser level can be set high enough to avoid obstructions created by vehicles or workers.
  • Standard tripod head accommodates virtually all surveying instruments
  • High strength magnets provide safe & secure mounting
  • Great for a variety of survey instruments – laser level, auto level, backsight prisms, and much more.

Model Number Connection Type
CLT-30 90 degree Magnetic Bracket for the steel surface mounting (up to 400lbs pull)
Stainless Steel Pillar Plate

New Product: Stainless Steel Pillar Plate
Pillar plates are great for industrial construction surveying; they provide you a consistent and accurate fixed monument throughout the entire construction period of a project.

Model Number Connection Type
CLT-50 8” Diameter Stainless Steel Pillar Plate

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